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Customer Bill of Rights

As a customer to IAL you have the right to:

  1. Be treated with respect, integrity, and have professional, courteous, and helpful service throughout the entire transportation process.
  2. Receive prompt, timely responses regarding the delivery and handling of your vehicle either through the website ITV or through any of our VPC locations.
  3. Receive the following documentation regarding the shipment of your vehicle:
    • Signed IAL Vehicle Inspection Form
    • Customer Claims Instruction Letter
    • Copy of IAL Packing list regarding the shipment of any loose items in your vehicle
    • Destination VPC information including:
      • Contact Information
      • Directions to the Destination VPC
      • Estimated RDD Information
    • Customer Comment Card
  4. Receive an explanation of the overall transportation process your vehicle will take from the time that you check into our Origin Vehicle Processing Center, to when you pick up at the Destination Vehicle Processing Center.